Pay Per Use Meat Production Unit

Specialising in meat processing

Standalone Meat unit for daily hire

This is a stand-alone meat processing unit available for daily hire to start-up and small meat producers to allow them to develop value added meat products, and manufacture products on a small industrial scale.

Simply bring your meat and other ingredients and packaging, this unit will facilitate the processing of value-added meat products including burgers, sausages, etc… The equipment schedule of the unit and access to food technology expertise will facilitate innovative and value adding approaches. 

Commercial Scale Equipment

Remove the restrictive barriers of the high cost capital investment associated with leasing or purchasing meat processing equipment, we have top class equipment schedule in place for your use

Includes Access To In-House Food Technologists

Benefit from food tech specialists to help you accelerate with development

Access to Expertise

Access To Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre

Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre has played a major role in the development of the Irish meat industry. The site includes a category 3 food safety facility, a pilot-scale abattoir, meat processing plant, product development plant, a sensory analysis suite and a neutraceutical facility.

Galway County Veterinary Service

Provides a statutory, advisory and administrative role relating to matters of veterinary public health and responsible animal ownership and management.


Pay Per Use Daily Production Unit


Meat Production Unit

– Up to 8 staff
– All utilities included

8-hour shift (ex-VAT)


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