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Knowledge Is Power

BIA EOLAS is all about providing access to excellent food sector learning and information in a way that has never been possible in Ireland to date. Yes, BIA is Irish for Food, but did you know we have another reasons for using such a powerful little word ? It also stands for:

And uniquely, that is what BIA EOLAS (Irish for 'knowledge') provides

Supporting food SMEs and giving them ground breaking access to innovation supports and dedicated onsite innovation and product development personnel will have a dramatic impact on the development and success of our regional economy by supporting our creative food enterprises, SMEs and artisans. For us, that means new jobs and a new approach to stimulate the high potential food sector economy in the West.

The value added of BIA EOLAS is:

It is a Centre of Excellence and Learning which will:

Act as a central hub for a continuum of business support to get food entrepreneurs from across the region onto a growth fast-track.   It will offer ambitious food entrepreneurs intensive support in marketing, technical and business development skills to accelerate the growth of their businesses, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Be a learning and nurturing environment that encourages exchange and innovation, integrating key culinary offerings: accredited career training programmes, continuing education for food entrepreneurs, industry professionals, chefs, master classes for home cooks and special events.

An enabler of food businesses to bring to market new product streams that are genuinely innovative, developing new working relationships across the food chain, targeting resources at new markets and developing leadership positions across a range of sectors. It will bring food entrepreneurs through a disciplined process of assessing their potential, exploring challenges to their ideas/ viability and enabling them to reflect on their ideas fully and from every angle.

While there are many agencies currently delivering advice and support to the food sector, the aim of the BIA EOLAS is to bring all the knowledge disciplines within the food sector into one place as a vibrant ‘one stop shop’. Food companies will be facilitated to identify their steps to progression, sign-posting to what needs to be done and which agencies to talk to, along with individual case management.

That it is an interactive zone where companies can access a Business Advisor panel and a Product Innovation Specialist which will be augmented by Teagasc involvement with other science knowledge providers.

Upskilling for the Food & Drink Manufacturing Sector

The BIA Innovator Campus strives to provide integrated, up-to-date, joined-up approach to skills requirements within the food Sector in the West Region, which has strong economic output within the industry sector. A BIA Innovator Education and Learning Sub-Comittee was established to review the needs of the agrifood sector in terms of learning, upskilling and creating an educated and well-equipped talent pool, prepared for the food industry.

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