Pay-per-use General Production Unit

Specialising in low-risk general food processing

Simply bring your ingredients and packaging, this unit will facilitate the processing of value-added food products. The equipment schedule of the unit and access to food technology expertise will facilitate innovative and value adding approaches.

The co-working shared production unit is available for daily hire. This unit can accommodate multiple tenants at the same time. Different food businesses can co-manufacture in the unit with our clear kitchen protocols.

Commercial Scale Equipment

Includes Access To In-House Food Technologists

Benefit from food tech specialists to help you accelerate with development

Access to Expertise

Includes Access To In-House Food Technologists

Access to Teagasc Ashtown


Pay Per Use Daily Production Unit


General Production Unit


– 1 Workbench with 2 staff
– All utilities included

8-hour shift (ex-VAT)


4-hour shift (ex-VAT)



BIA Food Community Bundle Deal

This bundle deal is developed to deliver the food community accessible pricing for non-ticketed, non-revenue generating events such as meetings with buyers, in house social media production etc.

For a fee of €299.00 ex VAT clients can avail of a mix of BIA facilities.

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